Welcome to my space, a place where you can get to know me a bit better and see a sample of the different things I truly love doing

Who I Am

I am a happy person. Someone with a permanent and honest smile on my face. A positive spirit. I care about people and hope to leave them better of, through my interactions. In love with animals (in love with my dog Api).

I am an avid learner of new technologies and its implications in life. Also an avid learner of tools that will help me tell stories, and make others' eyes shine. One of my goals is to share people stories through my phtography and my videos, and share them with people who truly care.


What I Do

Professionally I work as a Partner for an international consulting Firm called Egon Zehnder but then I also dedicate energy to do several things I enjoy around technology, photography & video.

If you are interested in my CV, check it here.


My Work

These are a few of the things I am passionate about, beyond my proffessional life as a consultant (that I also love). Here you will find some of the stories I have told and some of the life experiences I have lived. Through watching them, you will know better who I am and what I love.

Say Hello.

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